Melbourne Museum Excursion!

Grade 5/6 Excursion to the Melbourne Museum

Last Wednesday the grade 5/6’s went on an excursion to the Melbourne museum to learn about Natural Disasters and Sustainability.

Dinosaur Walk

The first thing we did when we got to the museum is, we went to the Dinosaur Skeleton exhibit.

There were a lot of bones from over 60 million years ago!! (And don’t get confused with billion). The exhibit was called, The Dinosaur Walk. It had 17 full skeletons with signs to provide information about each and every one of them. There was everything from land walking animals to high flying ones. It was truly fun admiring them.

Imax Movie

Next we went to the Imax Cinema to watch a movie all about natural disasters. The screen was huge-it was 32 metres wide x 23 metres high!

We learned about how volcanoes, earthquakes and tornadoes occur and the impact they have on human life. The movie was really interesting and very loud!

Natural World

Later we looked at models of the earth and how it has changed over time-originally it was like a ball of lava, then it was covered in water and ice before it became the Earth we know today.

Forest Secrets

It was getting close for the time go back to school so we went to take a look in the Forest Secrets exhibit. This exhibit was outside… kind of. There was a net covering the top of the exhibit so the wildlife can’t fly out. Yep, that’s right-there is wildlife in there. There were winged creatures (birds) to those who have the longest scaly tail (small reptiles, but luckily no snakes!). There were also little fish in little lakes and rivers, and this one navy blue bird called the Bower Bird. He liked to collect blue things for his nest! So the workers at the museum like to hide blue things around so the bird can collect them every morning! He usually finds them in almost 2 minutes!! The teachers had a challenge for us. They challenged us to find the blue bird. It surprisingly wasn’t that hard and we found him shortly after we came in.

We had an awesome time at the Melbourne Museum and learned heaps!






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